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How to: Repair a necklace

While I was studying in London in 2014, I bought this necklace from a shop and although it wasn’t particularly expensive, I was quite fond of it. I just love the vintage feel of the piece and the curves – nothing like what I previously had, so I’m sure you can understand my distain when I realised that one of the links holding the necklace together, had come undone. 

When I a kid and a teenager, I absolutely LOVED making jewelry. I had books, went to classes and even joined a lunch-time club at school called ‘The Bead Club’ (original name, I know – Ha!) and we sold our crafts to fellow students as part of the Mother’s Day stall! With the knowledge that I probably wouldn’t be able to find another one over here, and with the old Scouting law of being ‘thrifty’ in my mind, I decided to bring my old jewelry equipment out of retirement.

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