Don’t Fret: School Scores Mean Little in the ‘Real’ World

This week the Year 12’s  back home in Victoria, Australia, take on their final year school exams. My younger brother is one of them (gee I feel old! haha) and I remember doing my exams. I was so nervous about everything and I felt so much pressure about my Atar score result and whether I’d even get into uni! I had so many worries weighing me down and I didn’t know who I wanted to be or how to get there. I felt completely lost.

Yet three years later I write this as I am two years into my degree, studying abroad and loving my course. I’ve worked and traveled in the United States and now I’m studying in London!

I literally couldn’t picture where I am today! (…and you know, casually writing this from my London apartment – I’m still pinching myself)

There’s a myth that some people are just ‘born lucky’ but I don’t think that there’s much truth in that, rather those people are more forthright in creating their luck. It’s more about seizing opportunities than mere chance.

So be brave and know that no matter how you go today or with your Atar score, remember that there is actually more to life than a two-digit number, it will not define you. And if you have enough determination, belive in yourself and stick to your goals, you can achieve anything!

Good luuuuuuck!!!

All the best,


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